The Seed is the Word of God.

Jesus gave a parable in Luke 8:4-15 of a sower who went out to sow his seed. The seed that was sown fell on different kinds of ground. The condition of the ground determined the ability of the seed to bear fruit.

The 4 different types of ground that were given were: way side ground, rocky ground, thorn infested ground, and good ground. The only ground that produced a crop was the good ground. The other 3 types of ground that didn't produce a harvest was not because the seed was bad. They didn't produce a harvest because of their condition at the time the seed was sown.

We are not here today to talk about the soil. What we are here to discuss is the seed that the sower went forth to sow. One thing we know about the seed, it had the potential to grow and produce a harvest when it was sown. The sower didn't allow the condition of the soil to keep him from sowing. He knew the seed was good, and he knew his job at that time was not to consider the condition of the soil. He knew his job was to sow as many seeds as he could.

In verse 11 of Luke 8 Jesus tells us what the seed is. He said, "The seed is the word of God." It is important that we understand this in the context of the sower. Our job is not to determine what kind of ground the seed falls on. Our job is to sow the seed, and to sow as many as we can while we have time. The seed we are here to sow is the word of God.

You are not here by accident today. God has led you here and given you this opportunity to receive seed. We are here to sow that seed. The condition of your soil will determine the ability of the seed to produce a harvest.

There are many seeds that can be planted, and they all have the potential of bringing forth fruit. Some good seed, and some not so good. Some beneficial, and some detrimental. We would like to invite you to receive some good seed from the Lord. ACTS 19 is a place that we can sow some of the best seed available for a good harvest into your ground, or life.

There really is only 1 seed that will satisfy the longing in the heart of all mankind. This seed is the word of God. When we begin to allow the word to be sown in heart it is able to bring forth fruit in our lives. The more of the word we allow to be sown into our heart the more it can crowd out the weeds. The more we allow the word to be sown in our heart the better care of our soil we take to ensure we produce a harvest.

No matter your condition, no matter your soil type at this moment, if you will open yourself up to this good seed, the word of God, it will take root and as it grows so will you. As it begins to mature your ground will become better able to nurture it and eventually, if you stay at it, you will produce an abundant harvest.

ACTS 19 is for anyone who wants to sow good seed into their life. Where you are is where we would like to start sowing into you good seed. 

If you've never been born again according to scripture then we need to sow into you through the scripture how to be born again. Jesus told us in John 3 that unless we are born again we can't see or enter the Kingdom. If that is the condition of your ground then we have studies for you that will walk you through the process of being born again.

Maybe you've been born again but you're new to the Kingdom. We have studies for you that will sow the seed into your life and explain the basics of living for God. The great thing about this seed, the word of God, is it will find us where we are and lead us forward from there. We don't have to get good to get God, we get God to get good. 

Are you farther along in your journey and are interested in going from the basics to a deeper understanding of the word of God? We have studies that will dive in to the meat of the word of God. Don't worry, these studies are easy to follow as well as easy to understand. What is so great about ACTS 19 is that you can work at your own pace. Don't get in a hurry on your journey to grow in God. Let God lead you and it will be a much more enjoyable journey.

Lastly, once we have been born again, we learn to walk in this new way, and we have matured in our walk with God, then we are ready to take a look in the mirror of the Word of God. Now we are ready to have honest conversations with ourselves about the condition of our own heart. We have studies at ACTS 19 that will help us do just that. We have studies that will let us examine our fruit and see if it meets the quality standards of the seed that was sown into us, the word of God.

Life is a journey. We aren't here to become perfect overnight. Perfection is not a state of being, perfection is a destination. I hope you will allow us here at ACTS 19 to sow some good seed into your ground. It will take root and spring up into a great harvest. I know this because you are good ground. If you weren't you wouldn't be here.

Please feel free to contact us on your journey to let us know how you are doing or if you have any questions.

God bless!